Preschool Ministry
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Children ---- Gifts from God!

We have the following
Sunday Morning Opportunities
For your preschool Child:

Sunday Schedule
Sunday School Classes 9 AM
Extended Session
(Birth Through 3 Year Olds)

Children's Church
Ages 4 yrs. - 3rd Grade
Meets each week except on 5th Sunday - 5th Sunday - Worship with Family

To Contact us:
Phone: 719-633-4625
Fax: 719-633-0520
Email: fsbc@fsbc.og

The Purpose of our Preschool Department is to help each child feel happy and comfortable, loved and wanted, secure and unhurried. We desire that those little ones in our Preschool Ministry grow in independence, yet learn
to depend on God.

Children's Summer Ministry…

Kid's Club
6-7 pm
Children Ages 4 yrs -
5th Grade

Follows School Year!
Begins September 6th, 2017
Wednesday 6-7:30 pm

Follows The School Year!
Beginning in September!
September 6th, 2017



Extended Session:
Allows Parents to enjoy the Worship Service and feed on God's Word.
Extended Session is designed to provide excellent teaching for Preschoolers.
The lessons coincide with the Sunday School Lessons.
Extended Session is staffed with parents or other volunteers from the church.