Senior Adult Ministry

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Come Join Us!

" A Cut Above Ministry" Ministry to Senior Adults

"A Cut Above Ministry"
A Cut Above Ministry meets monthly,
On The Third Thursday of the Month.
& Lunches

"Ministry to Senior Adults"

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A Cut Above - Senior Adult Ministry!


A Cut Above
Senior Adult Ministry!
Monday, November 12th, 11am
"Rocky Mountain Pace"

"An all Inclusive program for seniors where our goal is to
help keep seniors at home and independent for as long
as possible by coordinating all healthcare services."
This Event will include lunch - Cost of $5
If you need Transportation to this event at the church
Contact the church office.

A Cut Above
Senior Adult Ministry!

"Thanks Seniors for your participation in the 2018 Cut Above Activities!"
We would not have a Senior Ministry without you!

Next Year, we hope to do the following:

1. Train Depot in Pueblo or Boulder
2. Rosemount House in Pueblo
3. Melodrama at Cripple Creek
4. Unsinkable Molly Brown House in Denver

Thanks again for your Support!
Deb May
Thanks Debbie May for all the great trips you have planned!